Saturday, August 30, 2014


Ok everyone, TCC's first potluck dinner will be happening in one week! On Sep 7th, at 6pm, everyone is invited to the gym to enjoy good company and celebrate accomplishments. The only thing I ask is that if you come, please bring a healthy dish - it can be a sweet treat or traditional dinner item, but please be sure to bring enough to share.

There will be no WODing, so dress comfortably (try to avoid wearing gym clothes!). We'll try to start serving dinner around 630, and the move into announcing the winners of the 30 day challenge.

If you have face book, please got the TCC FB page and start posting what you anticipate to bring for dinner. I'll start it off - I am bringing bacon wrapped sweet potato pucks...YUM!!
Another bitchin Saturday WOD thanks to Coach Kara's creativeness!!
Also, big shout out to Dr. Hendrikz and Natalie from Health Works Spine and Sport for stopping by and giving free consults and adjustments. For anyone who missed them this weekend, they'll be here at TCC on the 6th for another round of adjustments - I have a signup sheet in the gym, so be sure to look out for it if you are interested in signing up. These adjustments will be a little longer and will cost $10 each, but believe me, there's a lot of value in the 15 minutes that they'll work on you!!
Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone, and see you on the black top on Tuesday!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

What an awesome week everyone! Between the back-to-school week and the programing, it was a tough one, but I saw a lot of progression with a lot of athletes and that's what it's all about! 

**DON'T FORGET** Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge, so please try to get me your measurements and food logs. I know it's a holiday weekend, so if you need to wait until Tuesday, that will be fine.

See you guys on the blacktop!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday's WOD

Strength: Romanian Deadlift (start/finish in pwr pos) / Jerk (Behind Neck)

MetCon: with an 18min time cap (95/65# thruster)
- 3 pull ups
- 3 thrusters
- 3 DUs
- 6 pull ups
- 6 thrusters
- 6 DUs
- 9 pull ups
- 9 thrusters
- 9 DUs
- 12 pull ups
- 12 thrusters
- 12 DUs
*3rep increase scheme continues until 18min time cap is up


Dr. Hendrikz (Chiropractic Dr.) of Health Works Spine & Sport will be at TCC this Saturday to help address problem areas for anyone who's interested. I am currently a client of Dr. Hendrikz and am undergoing treatment for a few issues, but I invited him because he's very familiar with CF athlete issues, and I believe he'll be able to answer a lot of your questions regarding mobility and general range of motion issues. There's no obligation! He's doing this out of a courtesy to me, so please take advantage of the opportunity to speak with him about any/all questions you have.