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Athlete of the Quarter: Shawn Nishi


Physician: Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care, Interventional Pulmonology

Favorite Lift/Movement: I like it all . . . but mostly things that are moderate skill level, moderate weight!

How long have you been doing CrossFit? My first experience was October 2013. My first coach almost killed me on my first WOD but he really got me (Christian). We were nerdy and could talk during the warm up about WOD numbers, strategy, how to approach scaling or Rx when it was time and how even a little, inexperienced person could still perform well. I have had a number of coaches since that see a little something in me that I didn’t quite appreciate before like “controlled aggression” and “WOD drunk”. And then our coaches at TCC also notice YOU . . . whether it’s a friendly text asking about life because you haven’t made it to the box in a few days to a funny meme of an animal that looks like you when you lift heavy. I’ve been “doing CrossFit” this long because our TCC family box is just as much a part of our life as eating and breathing.

How did you find CrossFit? Mike, my husband. He started 6 months before me and was non-stop obsessed with talking about “CrossFit this . . . . that . . .” I was burned out before I even started! Lol but really if you can’t beat’em, join’em. So in I went and have never looked back!

What is your athletic background? I have been playing competitive volleyball in school and junior Olympics since 4th grade. Of course,I never pick the sport I SHOULD play as a stocky, short kid but I love a challenge and suprising people.

How has CrossFit changed your lifestyle and level of fitness?  I’ve always been active but I needed a change. My routine was boring and I was working too long and hard and eating became something I didn’t do well, but just shoved in some calories -CrossFit lit a fire under me! I wanted to leave work to get to a WOD early to warm up and see how I could perform. I was terrible at so many things and it really challenged me to focus on new goals. There’s ALWAYS that “thing” you aren’t great at and some crazy set of movements daily you haven’t done before so it’s always a challenge and is never dull.

What is your proudest fitness achievement?

CF moment: Billy once told me he made a remark to Heather while looking at the white board, something along the lines of “YES! I beat Shawn!” to which she mocked him for trying to beat some little girl! Well, that’s mad respect coming from Billy who I respect as much if not more as an athlete and truly nice guy/coach. 

NON-CF moment: I had to help lift this 385# man emergently at work and the adrenaline kicked in and BOOM, he just glided across that stretcher! Then afterwards, I had to jump on the head of the bed and squat for 45 mins doing a procedure. I got a line of high fives for being “tiny but mighty”.

What are your fitness goals for 2019?  My fitness goals have always been the same: stay healthy, be consistent, try and remember to have fun because I’m in this journey for the long haul.

What are your hobbies/interests? Anything with my family, especially if it’s outside and active: Fishing, biking, hiking. Baking with my kiddo. AND . . . naps!

What is your favorite cheat meal? I don’t discriminate or have a particular cheat meal. When I decide to eat, I’m up for anything good!. 

If you could create a WOD, what would it be? Any long chipper (I like the grinders that take 40 min) that Coach Jade programs! If it was a goat chipper it would involve: rowing, running, chest to bar, MU, and any heavy lift.

If it was a fun NISHI chipper:

200m sandbag run

200 DU

200 SU

150 yolk walk (heavy)

150 DU

150 AS

100 m tire flips

100 DU

100 pistols

75m overhead lunge (weighted)

75 DU

75 plank push ups

50cal Airdyne Bike

50 DU

50 HPC (light)

25m heavy sled pull (pull towards you)

25 DU

25 DB snatch (moderately heavy)

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